Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6

I've had two doses so far (one at 7:00am and one at 3:00pm). So far not too bad. The first one brought vomiting and a fever, but after the second I am just very tired. My face is starting to swell from the water weight gain. My next dose is scheduled for 10:00pm. I'm doing well overall and will hopefully post more tomorrow. Right now I can hardly keep my eyes open and am posting through my phone.

Today I am thankful for the IL-2 that will cure me; my dedicated care team who are doing everything they can to help me; our wonderful family and friends; and, as always, my super supportive Jeff who sits with me all day long in the hospital, and my perfect baby Kai. I miss you so much, little one. I will be all better soon; I just know it.


  1. Jamie,
    So glad to hear that your doing pretty well. All of us ... hundreds of us ... are there with you in spirit ... surrounding you and Jeff with love. You're being so brave ... hang in there.

  2. You WILL be better soon, we all know it. We love you Jamie!

  3. Glad to hear the side effects were not as harsh up to this point. Although vomiting is no fun. You can do it, Jamie. Hang on to that Jeff guy. He has been a real trooper through all your trials. Kai will be there also when you go home after these treatments. Two great men in your immediate life, both filled with love for you. Hope you sleep well after your 10p.m. God bless!


  4. Exactly what Dana said. EXACTLY. XO

  5. Hey Jamie,
    Hope you are able to rest between treatments as much as possible. Give it all you got when it counts!
    BTW... I was at the Phillies game the other night and sent my prayers for you at 10:00 from Citizen's Bank Park! I was imagining that all 45,000 fans in attendance were sending prayers your way right along with me!
    Lots of hugs and love,

  6. kai is sending you tons of kisses: enough to reach to the moon and back ! he smiles with his whole wiggly body when i say "Ma - MA'! he knows you can win this battle, just like the rest of us know. Dana said it well. I love the quote olivia sent on 4/4 : "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly" So, my beautiful, brave girl, you are more than halfway to butterfly status now! I love you so much!

  7. Just keep going. You've got this. It's almost over. You are going to be home so soon. You are going to see your son take his first steps and speak his first words. You are going to be there when he gets onto the bus for his first day of school and brings home his first girl or boy for you and Jeff to meet. You are going to be there when he graduates high school, goes to college and gets married. You are going to experience his highs and his lows, his triumphs and his defeats. You've won back that reality. Every horrible, nightmarish part of this process is going to end. Just keep going. We are here. Hope you can grab some very well-earned rest.

  8. All the world is pulling for you! My friend returns for IL-2 #3 (just behind you) on Monday. You are half way to going home! Stay as tough as you are. xox