Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10

Today has not been as horrible as I expected. I am nauseaus and very tired, and I have to pee every two hours (they come and wake me up to do it) which adds to the tiredness.  But overall, no where near the awfulness of IL-2 and for that I am thankful. Nothing much happened today. I had my first dose of cytoxin last night at 6:45pm and my last dose just ended now and that is it for the cytoxin, thankfully. The day basically comprised getting medications for nausea and sleeping and peeing, repeat cycle. And poor Jeff has been sitting by my side the whole time. Although it wasn't as bad as I expected, I still feel very sick, but just wanted to write a quick update for today.

Today I am thankful for love. I love you my sweet Jeff.


  1. Hang in there Jamie (and Jeff)! We're thinking of you.

  2. Jamie,
    Glad to hear you're "tolerating" the treatment. You and your family are in our thoughts all the time. Sending you love. Will be with you the whole journey of this treatment .... and looking forward to the day you tell us you're cured!
    Holding you in the Light,
    Joy and John

  3. Jamie (and Jeff & Darling Kai)
    You know we love you and somehow we stand beside you, also dressed for battle and carrying your Standard. Fight on! You're winning! Love, UQ

  4. Jamie, Stay strong, your story is amazing. My wife went through the TIL treatment in April with a brand new protocol. She was the first! Her strength and yours is truly inspiring. She is my hero. Our prayers are with you for a complete and speedy cure. Keith and Pat

  5. You've got the best attitude Jamie! I'll be thinking of you always, but especially this week, and hope it goes better than expected! Hope to see you one day soon! Kelly Engelman

  6. I am so proud to be your friend, Jamie. Your story and strength inspire me (and everyone else I'M 100% SURE) to be a more patient, loving, understanding, strong, witty...overall better person. You beat this once and you will beat it again. Of that I am also 100% SURE. You can't make a liar out of the frame says...Really, really old.

  7. Thank you for the update. You are a trooper! God bless you and yours